What are the weekend services like? 
Each weekend at Total Life Church you’ll find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with exciting, contemporary worship music, low lights, and a practical, relevant message. 

How long does church last? 
Our services last a little over an hour. 

What will happen when I visit for the first time? 
If you are visiting for the first time, we will not embarrass you or have you stand up. We know that many people want to check out the church and “be anonymous” for awhile—and that’s fine with us! Come in, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and see if this is the church for you. 

What do I wear when I attend? 
You’ll find everything from casual clothes to business suits at our Weekend Services. Come in what is comfortable for you, because Total Life is not about what you look like or what you wear. 

How do I get involved? 
If you are interested in serving, then simply send us an email to theTotalLifeChurch@gmail.com or fill out the contact form and we will get you some information. 

What time are Total Life Church services? 
Sunday at 10 am 

Where are you located? 
Starting Morch 17th, our services are at the Fairfield YMCA 
5220 Bibury Rd, Fairfield, OH 45014

Children's Ministry

Ages 18 months to 12 years of age

Here at Total Life Church we strive to make your family’s time with us a great experience from start to finish! It is our goal to create an environment full of the love of Jesus and TONS of fun so that Total Life Children’s Church becomes one of your child’s favorite times of the week! We use many creative avenues during our service to connect our kids to Jesus. A fun atmosphere, cool activities, interactive worship and a skilled and loving teaching team. Through these various elements we strive to create a curiosity and a deep love and desire to know more about the Lord and His goodness. We are honored to have the opportunity each week to invest into your child’s life. Thank you for entrusting this privilege to us and we hope to see you this Sunday!

1. Your Kids Are Safe!

We go out of our way to protect them! The safety of your children is our top priority. All of our adult team members are background checked and trained to keep your kids safe. We have policies in place and we follow them. While you’re enjoying our worship service, you can relax knowing your little ones are in a safe, clean, and loving environment!

2. Your Kids Are Learning About God!

We’re not just going to entertain your kids each Sunday morning, we’re going to teach them what the Bible says, in a way they can understand. Our mission is to help lead kids into a growing relationship with Jesus. We’re excited to partner together with you on this!

3. Your Kids Are Having Fun!

No seriously, it’s the best hour of their week! Kids learn better when they’re having fun. That’s why we jam-pack every minute you’re here with fun games, crazy characters, and so much more! Your kids will have so much fun that they’ll be begging to come back! Go ahead and prepare yourselves for them to be waking you up on Sunday mornings. It’s just that easy 

Things Every Parent Should Know

How do I get Involved at Total Life Church?

If you are interested in serving in Ministry, then simply send us an email to theTotalLifeChurch@gmail.com or fill out the contact form and we will get you some information.

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