Ignite Ages 10 - 12

November 15, 2020

 Good Morning Parents & Kids, Let’s start off in prayer Heavenly Father, Thank You, God, for being a lamp in my life. You lead me and make sure I stay safe. Thank You for Your words that help me to know the right thing to do. Amen

Today we continue in our new series called SING. We will learn on today that I am confident because God leads me. During this series we will take a look at Psalms and sing these unto God.

1. Play the children’s church welcome video from the Youth Pastor – Pastor Reggie 
2. Pray together before you start today’s lesson. A personal prayer or the one above. 
3. Click the Link to Worship. 

4.Practice the memory verse Psalms 95:1 (NIV)
 Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our Salvation. 
5. Read the Scripture for the Pslams 119:101-105

6. Answer the following  questions

1. Why are lamps so important?
2. How is God’s word is like a lamp for us? 
3. Where can we find God’s words?

7. Email the answers to Pastor Reggie at pastorreggie@totallifechurch.info

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